Our company was established in 1985.
Our business activity involves general contracting for maintenance and restoration works.

We believe that monuments restoration is not only a profession in a general sense, but above all a kind of obligation. We realize that it is thanks to our work that future generations will have the image and the awareness of their past. That is why we make every effort to provide services of the highest quality.

Over the years our company has created and developed its own efficient working system which makes us effective and reliable.  We use the experience of generations of stonemasons at the same time applying cutting-edge technologies. We believe that by combining tradition with modernity, we can guarantee the best results of the executed work. Our team consists of qualified engineers and professionals from many fields. We continuously cooperate with experts in archeology and architecture as well as art conservators.

We have all required facilities needed to perform maintenance works.  With our own production plant, equipped with latest technology machines and stone wholesale, we are independent, and therefore reliable. We use innovative methods of renovating - e.g. laser surface cleaning method.

So far, we have had the pleasure of working at exceptional and significant projects, located throughout Poland and Europe, including among others: The Collegiate Church in Tum near Łęczyca, Wilanów Palace, The Manufaktura in Łódź, The Cemetery of the Defenders of Lwów, Fourth Katyń Cemetery at Bykownia, Polish War Cemetery at Monte Cassino, Blessed Virgin Mary Square in Kielce.

Despite a number of investments in our portfolio, we are characterized by individual approach to each task.

We invite you to see all of our projects and references.

We put our heart in stone

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