Construction and conservation works in the palace and park complex in Kozłówka are dynamically moving forward. The object was built during the period of 1736-1742 by the governor of Chełmno, Michał Bieliński, and probably designed by an Italian architect, Józef Fontana II. On 16 May 2007, the palace and park complex was entered on the list of Historical Monuments. Here >> we wrote about the beginning of the works, during which we made an extraordinary discovery, which we wrote about here >>.

So far, we have managed to make a completely new roof truss within the northern outbuilding, together with a copper sheet covering. New items also include ceilings inside, elevator shaft and a number of brick partition walls. We have executed a reconstruction of chimney ducts and dormers, and antique tiled stoves and fireplaces have been thoroughly cleaned and maintained. We also executed horizontal insulation of injection and vertical insulation of foundation walls.

In the southern outbuilding, the works included, among others, strengthening foundations in the form of excavations, reinforcements and concreting. We have executed lintels made of steel beams and installed HEB beams to new ceilings.
A stable has also undergone a number of construction and conservation works. A complete demolition have been required with regard to a floor on the ground floor and stairs to the floor, where we have executed a new construction. We have secured the cracked walls with sewing and made steel braces. The works also included ventilation ducts as well as water – sewage and electrical installations. We have also executed lean concrete in all three buildings.

The works are still ongoing, we will keep you informed about their progress in subsequent news.

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