We are pleased to announce that we have completed the works related to the reconstruction of the didactic building of the Faculty of Economic Sciences at the University of Warsaw. The facility is located at 44 Długa Street, which as an urban planning scheme is entered in its entirety in the register of monuments. The Faculty building is spatially and functionally connected with the new part of the University and located next to the building obtained from IRiT.

The works consisted in the reconstruction of the interior of the building, while maintaining its didactic function. An important task to be executed by us was to facilitate the use of vertical communication paths, such as the reconstruction of the staircase and the assembly of the lift and replacement of the lift crane. We have left the layout of the structural walls unchanged, but we have changed the dividing walls – by bricking or demolishing them – in order to adapt them to the new functional system.

We have reconstructed the underground storey so that it could accommodate technical rooms (switchboard, hydrophore room, engine room) as well as archives and storage rooms. The ground floor has only required connection of three existing rooms in order to create a lecture hall for about 50 people; the rest of the rooms has been left without changing the purpose or layout.
On the first floor, we have connected the subsequent rooms in order to replace them with a higher standard room, which also accommodates about 50 people, and a computer lab for about 27 people. On this and the next two floors we have also prepared didactic rooms for students. Rooms in the attic have been adapted to accommodate the dean’s office and office rooms.

We have completely reconstructed all existing sanitary facilities. We have replaced the existing window frames for new ones, according to the graphic design, including the roof windows. The roof covering and insulation layers required replacement, at the same time we have replaced the old ceramic roof tiles with new pantiles.

Now, the facility can serve the next generations of students and professors at the University of Warsaw.

We put our heart in stone.