We are very pleased to return to the Cracovian Bishops Palace. This object is one of the most impressive monuments in Kielce, which in recent years has undergone many renovation, restoration and reconstruction works. Our company has also performed a number of works over the past several years: we have executed the reconstruction of three baroque portals, made of black marble, we have carried out the reconstruction of the retaining walls with armour stone and the execution of the northern terrace surface of calcite cobblestone, which you can read about here >>. The next stage was the reconstruction of the front courtyard.

This time, the works include: renovation of the palace facade and architectural details, as well as partial renovation of the roofing with the necessary replacement of flashings. Moreover, the stone facade of the main body of the building and plasters require cleaning and filling of the missing parts, along with the unification of colors. Similar works will be executed with regard to loggias and facades of the side wings of the palace, along with the renovation of the polychromes located there. On the facade there is a historic sgraffito frieze, which requires careful works. It will be subject to the process of mechanical cleaning, with subsequent filling of missing parts and merging and refreshing of the whitewash.
Architectural details such as stone pedestals, window frames, portals or cornices will be cleaned, then we will fill in missing parts and subject them to hydrophobization.

We will review all flashings on the main body, towers and walls of the object and we will replace or repair damaged or leaking elements. We will partially replace the roofing with the formwork on the south-east tower.

The issue that arouses much emotion is the reconstruction of the missing sculptures of Moscow and Swedish legates on the facade of the Cracovian Bishops Palace based on iconographic analysis and available documentation. The sculptures were irrecoverably destroyed in 1866 by the tsar government. We have now completed the collection of source materials in the form of photographs and historical references, and the first sketches of sculptures in scale have been made.

In the next news items, we will inform you what we have already executed.

We put our heart in stone.