Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church

COMPLETION DATE: 2009—2011 and 2013

The history of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church dates back to the middle of the 13th century, when the first parish and a wooden church were created. The present church is the third temple in this place. A turbulent history of the church over the centuries along with lack of permanent maintenance has led to its poor technical condition. As a result of revitalization, renovation and land development of the area surrounding the church, the effects of years of negligence and damages were eliminated.

Retaining walls and the fence have been rebuilt and reinforced. Land sliding slopes have been stabilized with the use of CFA piles. The reconstruction of front fencing and adjacent area fencing has been executed. The area has been dewatered; moreover, storm water drainage system and protection system have been installed.

Other necessary works have also been executed, including: cutting down trees and planting of greenery, execution of the surface of the area surrounding the temple and the adjacent area plus lighting of the area.  All these activities have contributed to the improvement of the infrastructure of the parish.  The final task included promotional activities, which have contributed to popularize this interesting place.

We put our heart in stone.