Basilica of Saint Cross Monastery


In the history of our company, it is the next phase of works connected with the basilica at Św. Krzyż.

W 1989, we executed the reconstruction of the chancel, replacement of floor as well as the completion of the new altar and the displacement of old one. In the period between 2012 and 2014, we carried out the reconstruction of the north wing and the thermal efficiency improvement of the Monastery as well as renovation and maintenance of the monastery garden. However, the most prestigious stage was the reconstruction of the 52 m tower, for which we have received numerous nominations and awards, including Golden Crane award and a nomination for “Świętokrzyska Victoria” award.

After completion of the reconstruction of the tower of the Basilica, we began the renovation of the floor in the church and the antechapel as well as conservation of the altar, historic tabernacle and the statues of angels.

The works concerning the floor consisted in removing the old stone pavement, made of Bolechowice marble and Jura limestone. Dirt and pollution has been mechanically removed from Bolechowice marble, and then all tiles have been formatted and unified to the same thickness. The damaged surface has been removed, and replaced with a new one, with antique finishing, obtained through grinding and brushing of the surface. The tiles have been arranged in a caro pattern, and Jura tiles have been replaced with Morawica marble, also with antique finishing.

Our construction and maintenance works enabled us to contribute to restore the former glory of this extraordinary Abbey.

We put our heart in stone.