Church of St. Michael Archangel in Daleszyce

COMPLETION DATE: 2010 and 2013—2014

The original construction of St. Michael the Archangel Church, as written in Długosz chronicles was created in the thirteenth century. Through the ages, the one-nave, wooden Romanesque church has been rebuilt several times. The church which is now located there is of a later period; it was expanded in the twentieth century.

Our company has carried out the necessary renovation works inside and outside the church.

The first stage consisted in hardening the cemetery square around the church.

The second stage included the repair of the roof truss and the replacement of the roofing on the Church building and a bell tower together with replacement of the lightning protection installation. 

The insulation of the vaults has been also executed. Moreover, repair and painting of some parts of the church and the bell tower facade as well as the walls of the church has been executed. Power grid has been reconstructed, and the illumination of the church hill has been executed.

All these works have been executed under the strict supervision of historic preservation authorities, while paying attention that they are performed in a detailed and precise manner.

We put our heart in stone.

We have repaired the roof truss and replaced the roofing on the church building and a bell tower together with the lightning protection installation.


We have carried out the repair and painting of a part of the church's facade, bell tower and walls.


We have rebuilt power grids and executed light illumination on the church hill.