Krzyżtopór Castle in Ujazd


“The Krzyżtopór castle – a magical and mysterious monument, lost among the fields of the Opatowska Land (…), in less than five years after the construction completion, a family became extinct, a family, whose greatness and glory was to be perpetuated by this magnificent building.”
Subsequent wars, uprisings and their consequence – a difficult economic situation – caused that the castle devoid of any reconstruction works fell into disrepair. Since the mid-twentieth century, attempts have been made for the maintenance works to be undertaken, however, these plans have not been fulfilled.

The ruins of the castle were rescued from further damage, as the castle was purposed for tourists under „Krzyżtopór castle as a landmark of Świętokrzyskie region” programme. The object of the program was so-called preventive conservation, which improved the infrastructure and brought back this place to life.

The scope of works included:

– execution of protections of the monument’s structure by carrying out maintenance works on the castle walls and replacement of temporary roofing with new ones, taking into consideration preserving the castle as a permanent ruin,
– execution of protections on sightseeing routes,
– restoration of the floor in the main courtyard,
– restoration of gatehouse and the entrance zone to the castle,
– partial restorations of gardens”

Carried out restoration and adaptation works caused that now Krzyżtopór is a great attraction of Sandomierz region, characterized by unique artistic, historical and landscape values.

We put our heart in stone.

We have replaced the temporary roof with a new one, taking into account the presentation of the castle's silhouette as a permanent ruin.


We have restored the floors of the main courtyard, the gatehouse and the entrance area to the Castle.


We have partially renovated the green zones at the object's premises.