Parish of the BVM in Sulisławice


Blessed Virgin Mary Nativity from the second half of the 19th belongs together with the older church to the Roman Catholic Shrine of Our Lady of Sorrows. In the temple, there is the miraculous icon of Our Lady of Sorrows of Sulisławice, which every year attracts a number of pilgrims.

To ensure further functioning of the most important pilgrimage destination in the Diocese of Sandomierz, it was necessary to carry out the repair and maintenance works plus revitalization of the historic building.

These included the maintenance works of the face of external walls with the replacement of damaged stone blocks and the reconstruction of stone architectural details. Roof covering and damaged elements of the roof truss have been replaced, additionally, maintenance and protection of wood has been carried out and the new flèche has been executed.
Thermal insulation of the vaults has been done, moreover, the reconstruction of the dismantled elements with the use of adhesive anchors as well as partial reconstructions of architectural details. In addition, the works included dismantling of weathered and detached stone elements of the towers, as well as the execution of reinforced concrete tie beams and steel stiffening structures on the towers. All these actions have helped to restore the former glory of historic complex.

We put our heart in stone.