Polish War Cemetery at Monte Cassino

COMPLETION DATE: 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012

“Here lie together Polish soldiers: Roman Catholics and Greek Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox Christians, Jews and Muslims. At the top of the mountain a white eagle watches over them, with outspread wings, carved in travertine, the emblem and the symbol of Poland.”

– this is how the Polish War Cemetery in Monte Cassino was described years ago by General Władysław Anders. 1072 fallen soldiers from Polish II Corps of the Polish Armed Forces in the West are buried there, therefore this is a special place for Poland and its history.

Over the years of negligence and lack of proper care, the cemeteries were severely damaged.  Major construction and maintenance works were required; they were executed in three stages during the period of three years.


The execution of works on the Polish War Cemetery in Monte Cassino prioe to the ceremony of the 65th anniversary of the Battle of Monte Cassino. The scope of works:

execution of a comprehensive renovation and maintenance of relief  of the eagle,

execution of renovation and maintenance of the tombstones of General Władysław Anders, Archbishop Józef Feliks Gawlina, Major General Bronisław Bolesław Duch,

execution of a renovation and maintenance of the cross on the central square,

cleaning – by grinding or chemically with the protections – of the central square, retaining walls around the central square and the entrance stairs,

execution of the supplementary drainage and declogging of the existing drainage of the central square,

arrangement of greenery along the access route to the cemetery and around the eagle relief,

repair and maintenance of wall covers with execution of slopes,

repair and maintenance of individual crosses.


The repair and maintenance of the retaining wall on the Polish War Cemetery in Monte Cassino. The Scope of works:

cleaning of the stone faces of the walls of dirt and biological damages,

rebuilding of the walls.


The Renovation and maintenance of the stone cross around the relief of the eagle. Maintenance and restoration works. The scope of works:

cleaning the front terraces, stairs of the graves, declogging the drainage of rain water,

reconstruction of the stone strip around the relief of an eagle on the Polish War Cemetery in Monte Cassino (cleaning , repointing , strengthening),

renovation and maintenance of all tombstones and crosses, improving the legibility of the inscriptions.



The execution of works involving the implementation of new planting of greenery around the stone cross on the Polish War Cemetery in Monte Cassino in Italy.”

The execution of a major overhaul restored the glory and the testimony left to us and the next generations of the heroic struggle of the fallen soldiers of the Republic of Poland.

We put our heart in stone.
bas-relief restoration

We have performed a comprehensive renovation and maintenance of the "eagle" bas-relief and shield.

covers repair

We have repaired and renewed the covers of the walls along with execution of slopes.

front terrace

We have cleaned the front terrace as well as the stairs of the quarters and graves from dirt.