Regional Court in Warsaw


The Regional Court building in Warsaw was erected in 1938 according to the design of professor or architecture, Bohdan Pniewski as the building of the magistrates’ court in Leszno. The building began to serve the Warsaw court in the middle of 1939. During the war, the building continued to function until the time of German air raids. Due to its function, the court building was not incorporated into the Warsaw ghetto, but it became a meeting place for people from both sides of the wall. After the war, along with the rest of Warsaw, it was rebuilt – the building itself survived, however, suffered damage on the upper floors. In 1946, the Regional Court, the Ministry of Justice and the Public Prosecutor’s Office were transferred to it. Since 2005, the seat of the District Court for Warszawa – Praga has been located there.

We have carried out the renovation works in stages, focusing on the subsequent segments of the building, which were Patio no. 1 and 2 and a Patio located behind the lobby. The scope of works included mainly cleaning the stone elevation by sanding, replacing old welds and replacing or supplementing stone slabs together with the impregnation of the whole façade. 

The plasterboard part of the façade has also been subject to renovation works, during which we have removed the old layers and covered the walls with new plaster colored in mass. We have replaced not only flashings, cornices and window sills, but we have also refurbished the external doors with the replacement of one of them with a new one, in accordance with the conservation guidelines.

A part of the works also involved the replacement of some communication paths within Patio No. 3 and No. 4, where the chopped basalt cube was replaced with granite slabs. We have provided and installed brass handles to facilitate the movement of elderly and disabled people, which were placed from the side of al. Solidarności.
All the works carried out by us have allowed to refresh the appearance of the building, thanks to which it can continue its representation and judiciary function.

We put our heart in stone.
Facade cleaning

The scope of works included, first of all, cleaning the stone facade using the sandblasting method.


We have replaced parts of communication routes within Patio No. 3 and No. 4, where we have replaced the split basalt cubes with granite slabs.

Facility adjustment

We have also delivered and installed brass handles to facilitate the movement of the elderly and the disabled.