Saint Cross Monastery

COMPLETION DATE: 1988—1998, 2012—2014

The Benedictine Monastery is the oldest Polish shrine and an important place of worship, associated with the reliquary with the remains of the Holy Cross.

First works, including necessary maintenance concerned the reconstruction of the chancel, replacement of floor as well as the completion of the new altar and the displacement of old one, were executed in 1989.

The next phase of works (2012-2014) included the reconstruction of the north wing and the thermal efficiency improvement of Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate Monastery, Sanctuary of the Relics of the Holy Cross as well as renovation and maintenance of the monastery garden. Additionally, it has been necessary to perform the following works: thermal insulation of the attic, installation of central heating and domestic hot water system, including solar installation, as well as replacement of doors and windows.

The works regarding the monastery garden included: repair of the facade, cleaning and maintenance of the window frames stone profiles, replacement of wooden window frames on the first floor, renovation of the well along with reconstruction of the windlass and cover. In the place of old tiles, new stone floor has been executed with the use of Parszów sandstone. All works there have been executed by hand due to lack of possibility to bring the equipment inside.

Our construction and maintenance works enabled us to contribute to restore the former glory of this extraordinary Abbey.

We put our heart in stone.