Vault in Annunciation of the Virgin Mary church in Rytwiany


The church was built in 1625 as a Camaldolese monastery in Rytwin thanks to the prince Jan Tęczyński, called Magnus, the Topór [Axe] coat of arms, who was its founder. The church was solemnly consecrated on 27 September 1637 by Bishop Tomasz Oborski, suffragan of the city of Kraków. After two centuries of the existence of the monastery, it was abolished in 1819, and in the meantime served as a branch of the Staszów parish. It was managed by changing vicars, dependent on the Staszów parish priest. After World War I, the former owners took over the monastery once again. Camaldolese from Bielany Krakowskie until 1927. Since then, the spiritual authority of the Diocese of Sandomierz entrusted the priests with care over the monastery.

The monastery was built by the Italian Camaldolese in the style of Italian revival.
The church has unique decorations made by Venanzio da Subiaco and stuccos made by Italian artist, Giovanni Battista Falconi. However, they required full conservation work due to the destruction. That is why we have conducted a comprehensive renovation of the entire vault along with whitened stuccos. The works were carried out under the supervision of the Provincial Office of Monument Preservation, Delegation in Sandomierz. Currently, the vault in the main nave of the church regained its appearance from the time of its glory and again one can admire this extraordinary example of the art of Italian revival.

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