Once again, we have the pleasure to carry out construction and conservation works in the palace and park buildings, this time in Kozłówka, 9 km west of Lubartow and about 2 km from the large village of Kamionka. The palace in Kozlowka of the Zamoyski family is now the seat of the museum. It was built during the period of 1736-1742 by the governor of Chełmno, Michał Bielinski, and probably designed by an Italian architect, Jozef Fontana II.

On 16 May 2007, the palace and park complex was entered on the list of Historical Monuments.

The scope of works includes two outhouses (northern and southern), stables and teatralnia building, which will be renovated and adapted for cultural and tourist purposes. The northern outbuilding is a multi-storey building with a basement and a non-usable attic. Its historical shape and layout will be preserved along with the architectural decoration of the facade, and its colours will be recreated on the basis of conservation studies carried out. The elements requiring replacement include, among others, roof truss and roofing, wooden ceilings, window and door carpentry and elements of a staircase. In the representative rooms there are tiled stoves, which require replacement of the heating system, as well as maintenance and repair of the tiles. We will keep arched ceilings in the basement and recreate the existing tile floor in all rooms along with architectural details. The southern outbuilding together with the part of the teatralnia building and the connector will also keep its shape with its layout and old colours. The truss of this building does not need to be replaced, only repairs. As in the northern outbuilding, here we will also replace and recreate, among others, window and wooden carpentry, floor and staircase elements. On the ground floor, in rooms with a flat ceiling, we will make a facet pattern based on that which has been preserved in a different part of the building.
Between the outbuilding and the teatralnia building, we will make a connector (based on the curtain wall remaining from the old connector), which will connect both buildings on the ground floor and basement level, while on the level of the floor a terrace will be created. From the south, the connector will be enclosed with a glass wall with a modern form. The teatralnia building requires a complete replacement of all installations, and the multi-functional room on the first floor will be complemented with mechanical ventilation and an electroacoustic installation.

In the building of the old stable we will build new stairs, necessary due to the introduction of a utility program to the attic. We will design them with the least possible interference in the open space of the stable. All works will be completed this year.

We put our heart in stone.