The renovation and maintenance works in the Museum of Independence in Warsaw are in full swing. Since the scope of works covers the entire interior of the building, from the basement to the attic and its area, they must be carried out in stages.

In order to be able to carry out the works on the ground floor, first we had to excavate filled in basements, drain them and remove fungi, along with executing new floors and ceilings over the recovered rooms. At the same time, the entire internal installation requires replacement. We are executing new heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, electrical, teletechnical, fire-fighting, alarm and audiovisual installations. The staircases also need reconstruction – we are supplementing them with passenger lifts and a completely new staircase. As the work progresses, we will also gradually replace the door and window joinery as well as perform the renovation of the roof truss.
In subsequent stages, we will carry out conservatory renovation of the façade with the replacement of window joinery, roofing and replacement of gutter and downpipes flashing. We will also reorganize the area around the palace and we will execute the installation of the illumination of its facade.

The works are expected to be completed at the end of 2018.

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